Which clips can I download without costing credits?




  • lil_linder

    how can i get credits

  • Jeremy Irion

    Please visit: https://www.wingclips.com/account/credits


  • harp

    could you tell me how to access those free clips and resources?  I've tried a search and have gotten no results.  Is there a particular link?

  • dlbynum123

    I echo this other persons question... where is the answer?

    How does the free service work? I am wanting to test it and see if it is worth a purchase or if I would not use it due to the level of difficulty. Everything I have typed in has an UNAvailable note! I must be doing something wrong.

  • Jeremy Irion

    We do not have a designated section for Free clips. You will find free clips scattered throughout the site when you search by theme, category or film. The amount of Free clips and the type of clips will vary. 


    dlbynum, what are you typing where you get an "unavailable note"? I would suggest searching for clips by using the search bar. 

  • praisemonkey

    I have not been on for a very long time... But it has changed so very much... I can hardly find any clips that I can use... and I am struggling to find those "free" clips... it seems that I cannot find clips, not adverts without paying for credits... it is very inconvenient and irritating... can you at least categorize the clips so that we (those of us who do not have congregations large enough to support us) can at least take advantage of the "free" clips? please...

  • Jeremy Irion

    We do have a search category labeled "Free Clips". Here is the link: http://www.wingclips.com/categories/free-clips 

  • Apoynter

    I am trying hard not to be frustrated, can you please help?  I am trying to search for free clips and used your direct link which worked wonderfully, however, I cannot narrow the free clips down any further than that.  Please tell me there is a way to search just the free clips without having to look through each page individually.  Please.

  • fkhumber

    I would like to sort the free clips by scripture or topic .... but when I try to sort by scripture it just brings up the clips that you require us to purchase credits.  I am pastor of a small congregation that I do not have resources to purchase clips from you or bluefish or any other.  It seems like you would provide resources for those of us in this situation ... it seems as if all of the good technology resources are geared toward the Mega Churches who have large budgets.  

    Is there a way to narrow the search within the free category, just like you can with the pay to use category?

  • Jeremy Irion

    Yes when you click on the Free Clips category, you may sort the clips by highest rated, recently added, etc. And you can further narrow by clicking on the Power Search feature. Also, when you narrow or filter a general search, both paid and free clips display. 

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