Why is some content unavailable in my region?




  • ClareAldridge


    I am also really keen to use the Braveheart clips with some of my students. HAs there been any progress on the discussion above? Thanks.

  • Jeremy Irion

    We were able to get that particular studio to open up the rights worldwide, where they have said rights. So there should not be pages of blocked content for anyone. However, if the studio does not have the rights overseas, they cannot grant it to us. So, some limited content (i.e. Braveheart) is currently only available to North American territories.

  • Carolopolis
    Good job Jeremy!
  • hwbenqgy24


  • kimpopenz

    So frustrating!

    All the clips that I would like are not available in New Zealand. We are a small college - and this is a huge expense. Not fair - you should clearly label the 'clips' that are only USA region.

  • kenevans54

    Shame for all those outside the USA!

  • kenevans54

    ...and it not like it's just a few clips that are withdrawn, often whole pages are unavailable!  Seriously have to reconsider whether it is worth renewing my subscription; I'm sure that there are many other who will be in the same position.

  • alucas

    With this being the case, why would I want to continue my subscription with Wingclips to find out that when I decide that I want to use a clip and click on it to prepare a message, that it is not available to me in my region? Do I receive a discount on my subscription as the service is now a reduced service from what others are paying for and receiving?

  • jgibson

    I agree tonight I have looked for a few clips and they are all saying that they are not in my region.  Even BRAVEHEART and I am from Scotland.  How can that be????

  • alucas

    jgibson, I had a secondary chapel service prepared and was planning to use the BRAVEHEART wingclips in my talk, but guess what....not available in my region!!!!

    “There’s a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with wingclips in all regions. And I go to make sure that they have it.” William Wallace – Braveheart

    Please change this problem soon as more than half the content is unavailable to me!! I think it would be right for my subscription to be discounted because of this minimised service. I received no prior warning that the conditions and content availability was going to change when I paid for another 12 months of service last October.

  • Jeremy Irion

    Thanks for all your feedback. We really do apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently in talks with a studio, where our current agreement only allows for US and Canada, in order to open our agreement up for world-wide usage. This would grant you all access to hundreds of clips that are currently restricted. Some films however, where the studio in which we are contracted does not own the world-wide rights, will be restricted regardless. Stay posted for updates.

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