Why don't clips preview full screen?




  • StocktonClass

    Well I guess thats the end of this site's usefulness. Thats a shame.

  • scarlone

    I know!  I'm a teacher and used Wingclips for several of my lessons.  My students loved it!  But $15 for one short movie clip is a lot, and teacher's don't get paid a lot here in NC, so now I have to find other means of teaching.  I already spend so much of my own money for school - I really can't spend anymore.  This is a shame.  :(

  • almeada44

    I agree with both of you. I too am a teacher, and my colleagues and I have used this site for a few years. I can't believe that I must pay in order to toggle to full screen. Wow! 

  • gnoble91

    I used this site to engage my students in short writing pieces, as well as to connect with our readings and themes we were wrestling with in the classroom. I am like the teachers who have commented before me -- this site is now useless, and even though I created an account, I will not be using it. The site is overpriced, and after using it and singing its praises at conferences I lead, I now feel like a fool. I will not be using your site, nor recommending it, and that is a shame.

  • ChrOrth

    I agree with gnoble91.  I recommended this site to fellow educators as a way to engage students and to introduce themes present in literature that they will be reading.  Now I have to go to these teachers and let them know that the site has changed and it will no longer be useful for us in our classrooms.  If there was a nominal membership fee, I'd be willing to pay it, but the price to download a single clip is astronomical.  I guess it was too good to be true. 

  • Apoynter

    I thought it was a free site as well. Am I mistaken or is it really going to cost me 10$ for one short clip for my second graders? I am so disappointed! I wasted so much time and got my hopes up.  I work in an inner city school, desperately trying to motivate these kids in a positive way on a school budget of 60$ per year.  That is for paper, pencils,- EVERYTHING. Say it really isn't so?

  • jlchun

    WINGCLIPS!!!!  Fix this!!!!  You will lose a lot of great educators, who would happily welcome and share your site with others.  You're making a huge mistake and will notice your patronage go WAAAAAY down if you don't do something about this soon.

  • kingdom_quest

    NOT COOL!!! our church pays the monthly fee and i don't want to save anything to a hard drive. i own almost all the movies i have used thru WingClips, but it is much quicker to navigate with this sight..... looks like i'm going to rethink this now.... NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!

  • dejongd

    You can still get the same benefit from this site by just showing the preview in the size that comes up on the screen. Students are able to look past the watermark that faintly covers the clip and can catch the gist of the clip in the small size. It's called adaptation. Sometimes educators have to do with what is available.

  • Jeremy Irion

    We have edited the FAQ answer to further explain this issue. We do apologize for the inconvenience. 

  • jbraud

    Just look here for ideas, then go to youtube and see if you can find the clip there.

  • rsanchez

    I use the zoom/magnify option on my pc.  The quality is not proportionate but it is a more full screen for viewing.

    I know that this works on the Apple/Mac as well.

    CTRL+ scroll

  • nicolaharvie

    Really disappointed Wingclips........please try and change this policy :(

  • dbartram

    wow what a joke! Talk about price gouging......signed up but will NOT be using this. 5 bucks for a 2 min clip? Give your head a shake

  • dbartram

    wow what a joke! Talk about price gouging......signed up but will NOT be using this. 5 bucks for a 2 min clip? Give your head a shake

  • kfrankln

    I agree. I have recommended this site to many youth pastors to use when trying to illustrate a point. The wingclips name shows up in the background but I cant work with it if I cannot toggle to full screen. Please change. I find it hard to believe that there are copyright restrictions for keep the option to toggle to full screen. We are not showing the whole movie.

  • bcann1175

    Yup... went from being a great resource to a waste of time. Thank goodness for youtube. Peace.

  • karlmiller

    Very miss leading as to what I'm getting when I purchase credits, $15 for one short 2 minute video which cost me 6 credits. Last time I'm using this site, overpriced.

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